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Mechapros B.V.

16 projects were completed in 3 years, in Mechatronics field for top level international companies, including novel electrical mechanical magnetic and software designs and delivered fully functional prototypes. Several patents for customers were initiated. Now, we are moving forward with long term plans and relations.

Subsidiary of Mechapros B.V. in Turkey, NUCA Energy Systems, is active in field projects. Manufactured and installed specialized LED lighting products for international projects, designed tailor made photovoltaic solar products, provided consultancy for PV installations and provided consultancy for technical infrastructure design (medium/low voltage electrical system, hot water pipeline galleries, cogeneration center etc) of Istanbul Teknopark, a 900,000m2 technology campus for 30,000 inhabitants. NUCA is awarded by several government grants, obtaining highest scores in technical audits, for its innovative projects.