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    "Mechapros brings in the knowledge to increase the value of your company."

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    "Mechapros opens new ways for innovation in your company."

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    "Bright people with vision is the key element in business. Providing solutions and presenting the way ahead."

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Mechapros B.V.

Welcome to the official website of Mechapros.

Mechapros B.V. provides Engineering Consultancy Services covering stages from scratch design to first implementation.

Mechapros provides the knowledge and the people for mechatronics projects conducted in the Netherlands and Turkey.

Mechapros is an international industrial knowledge centre which responds to the increasing need of many businesses to find highly-educated, technical personnel with up-to-date know-how.

The Netherlands is based on a "knowledge economy" where well-trained personnel is of critical importance for the continuity of business.

Mechapros works together to achieve this goal with both the Technical University, based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and with METU in Ankara Turkey. A very positive collaboration has existed between these two universities for several years.

Technical people who possess the best qualities, work well in teams, are flexible, representative, and communicate well are best suited for this sort of knowledged-based collaboration.

Our strength lies in the placement of the right people in the right places and in the formation of small, independently operating teams consisting of highly valued knowledge workers who are willing to accept the challenges of our clients.